Our Classes and Events


Note from Pinny and Trowel: If you’re thinking, “This page looks different…” you’re right! We’ve gotten new scheduling software. We knew it would be a bit of an adjustment (for us and you) but we ultimately decided it’ll be better in the long run. Thank you so much for your patience as we deal with any unforeseen hiccups in the short term!

Here are some tips for navigating the new system:

  • You may need to set up a new account. Some of you have been coming here for a while but with the new system, we’ll need you to provide your information again.
  • For a chronological list of camps and events, like Spring Break and Summer Camps, our Saturday Kids Cooking Camp choose Camps/Events from the menu.
  • Choose Semesters from the menu to see our semester-long programs like our After School Program.
  • For our Drop-in classes, select Drop-Ins.
  • For our Parties – children, private or dogs, please select Parties

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at 512-215-0641 or email tamzin@pinnyandtrowel.com