Our Journey – from online to The Lodge

Our Journey from an Online Cooking Course to the Pinny and Trowel Lodge

When I first launched Pinny and Trowel, I was primarily creating content for adults. Through playdates and dinner parties, I had come across dozens of children who were fascinated with cooking. But over time, I realized that so many of their parents didn’t know the basics of cooking from scratch. They grew up with ready-made, “convenience” foods, and as a result, often feel overwhelmed by the idea of creating a meal from scratch. For many, cooking from scratch only happens for holiday feasts, if ever. Over and over, friends and colleagues expressed that they wished they knew how to cook like I did, and so I thought, no problem–we can solve that, easy

Launching Pinny and Trowel

I created an online cooking school geared for parents and young adults just starting to run their own homes. But it turns out wishing they knew was not the same as wanting to learn. They wished they could, but they weren’t able to find the time and resources to invest in the process. Their rhythms for live involved convenience and ease and sticking with what they already knew. But many of those same people were happy not only to support their fascinated children by investing in projects and classes but to learn a thing or two from their kiddo chefs along the way. As I began teaching young students, the kitchen was occasionally transformed for entire families! 

Cool Kids Do Cook

In 2017, I wrote my first cookbook, Cool Kids Do Cook. I also developed a cartoon spoon family–the Spoon Family, Charles, Helen, Theo and Rose. Children often feel the kitchen is “off-limits” to them, something just for adults; but they can easily relate to this cartoon family, from Mamma T who can cook anything, to Theo, one of the children in the family, to Nizmat, the spoon dog. We’re even in the process of animating the characters. In fact, Theo is already fully animated, so stay tuned for some fantastic YouTube content that’s coming soon! And of course, they’ll also be featured in my next cookbook, Cool Kids Do Bake, due out in Spring of 2020. 

With this content, I began teaching after school cooking courses at a number of local schools, which has been a blast. Over time, we’ve been asked into more and more schools and clubs, but we’ve also felt limited by having to do each class separately–there are only so many days and therefore so many schools I can serve in that after school block. Which is what makes this announcement so exciting! 

Introducing the Pinny and Trowel Lodge!!

I am so thrilled to invite you to my own brick and mortar, the Pinny and Trowel Lodge! 

Here, kids and adults can experience at home gardening and cooking in so many great ways. We’ll be offering after school clubs, camps and parties, adult classes, events, and date night experiences, team building workshops, and canine events complete with dog treats, dog ice cream, and dog birthday cakes—because even dogs deserve homemade birthday treats. 

Having a space to call our own will give us the ability to serve more families and get creative with what we can offer! I do hope you’ll come on over to The Lodge and visit with us! 

Author: Tamzin

Food activist and childhood nutrition advocate Tamzin Cochrane helps the busiest of people to cook up something healthy and delicious, even after a long day. She also helps companies and schools educate around—and create a culture and environment that truly supports healthy eating. Decades in the foodservice and hospitality industry have given Tamzin a well-rounded perspective on mealtime. She is passionate about bringing back the lost art of families and friends cooking together, and she loves seeing people enjoy the amazing tastes and textures of their communal effort. Inspiring children to cook and expand there horizons on food is very important. She shares this message through virtual coaching and video courses, by speaking at corporations, schools, and events, and through her recently-released video courses. Tamzin is found most often at The Pinny and Trowel Cooking School, which she opened in early 2020, it is located in Austin TX. Tamzin was born in England, grew up in Scotland, and now lives in Austin, Texas with her husband (who incidentally, is Scottish but grew up in England) and their children.

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