Covid-19 protocols here at The Lodge

Please stay in your car.
Drop off is at the back of the school, in the car park
Please come up one car at a time, a member of staff will be there to help your child disembark from the car.
They must be wearing a face mask
They will ask your child a set of questions – They will take your child’s temperature using a touch-less thermometer
We will admit them into the garden once the sign-in sheet has been completed by a member of staff.
You do not have to sign them in, the staff member will ask who you are and fill that out
Please drive away carefully, remember there are children around the area
Your camper will have to apply hand sanitizer to their hands immediately before entering the grounds

Please wait in the back car park. Call 512-215-0641( our landline) or 512-917-6721( Tamzin’s cell ) and let us know who you are collecting
Stay in your car
We will bring your child out and ask who you are for safety reasons, the staff member will write that on the sheet, please be patient if we have to check your authority to collect the child on their paperwork.
DO NOT COME INTO THE GARDENS OR BUILDING – If you must come in, we will have to take your temperature and fill out the form for you as well

We do require the children to wear masks a lot of the time, it is not feasible to learn to cook and wear a mask, so they will not have to then.
When they are out in the garden, they do need a mask
At breaks and lunch while eating they do not need a mask
While doing crafts or school work in close groups, indoors, they will need a mask until further notice

Hand Washing
Staff and campers will be washing hands
When campers arrive at the camp
Before and after preparing food or drink
Before and after eating or handling food
Before and after administering medication or medical ointment
After using the toilet
After coming into contact with bodily fluids eg. Sneezing, vomit
After playing outdoors
After handling garbage
After gardening

Staff requirements
All staff will fill out the same questionnaire as campers each day
All staff members will have their temperature taken every four hours
We have substitute staff ready if we have to send a member of staff home due to illness
Staff will wear a new apron every day
Staff will wear disposable gloves when checking campers in
Staff will wear masks at craft times as well until further notice
Staff will wash their hands in accordance with the hand hygiene above

We will sanitize the building each night by mopping, wiping down all tables and chairs, light switches, door handles, and outside toys( hula hoops, skipping ropes, etc)
After lunch, each chair and table will be wiped down with disinfectant
Children will wash their hands with soap and water between every activity, before and after eating, and before going home
All restrooms will be disinfected a minimum of three times per day
We have changed our air filters to the highest grade possible ( a 10 at Home Depot)
We have hand sanitizer available in all areas and it will be outside as well, primarily used for after a child or staff member who has coughed or sneezed
All areas have a tub of disinfecting wipes on hand for wiping any surface area after a sneeze or cough

Social Distancing
Each child will have their own cooking equipment, if they have to share, the equipment will be wiped down by a staff member before being handed to the other child
Each child will have their own table in the kitchen area unless they are siblings
At breaks and craft times, each child will have an empty space between them
The activities at break will be monitored to encourage social distancing
We have purchased skipping ropes and hula hoops because they encourage social distancing
Our chalkboards are being moved further apart

Group sizes
We will be following the reduced ratio guidelines of 10 children per adult
Our groups are not expected to be greater than 10 in each area, 8 in the schoolroom
We are limiting the number of campers to a total of 20
We will have a minimum of three adults for the 20 children every day

What can you do to help us?
If possible do not send anyone over 65 to collect the campers. That is the vulnerable age group
Please provide a water bottle with the campers’ names on it. We have plenty of water coolers but will not be suppling cups at the time
Send a packed lunch and two snacks so your camper is not hungry
All pack lunches must be self-contained and need no warming or refrigeration – this will help us reduce the risk of cross contaminations
Please keep your camper at home if they are not feeling well
If they are running a fever they must be fever free – without the help of medication- for 24 hours before coming back to camp
Please do not bring any pets to camp when dropping off or picking up
Please let us know if any member of your family has come in to contact with somebody who has contracted Covid-19 and keep your child at home until they have the all-clear
Encourage your child to sing Happy Birthday twice when washing their hands at home, this will reinforce the 20 seconds needed for proper handwashing

Precautions we are implementing

The office will be used to isolate anyone who is ill, while waiting to be collected
The office will then be wiped down and cleaned
Staff will be vigilant for symptoms of COVID-19
Please follow our guidelines for drop off and pick up
Please have a plan for collecting your child should they be ill, to reduce the risk of cross contamination with other children and staff

These are uncertain times for us all, COVID-19 is now part of our lives and we need to help each other in reducing the spread of this virus.

Should we have a case of COVID-19 at Pinny and Trowel Cooking School, we will inform parents/caregivers that same day. If the person has not been in the building for 7 days, we can carry on with our cleaning routine and still function. If less than 7 days – The school will need to close for 36 hours. We will be disinfecting thoroughly, but we have to wait 24 hours, so the virus has all dropped to surfaces and is not still in the air. There are systems in place for us to follow in this eventuality. Any extra precautions we are ask to implement we will.
I will communicate with all parents through out the summer with any updates that effect our operation.