Welcome to The Lodge, let me show you around

Welcome to the Lodge

Here at the Pinny and Trowel Lodge, it’s our mission to help people realise that cooking from scratch is not as challenging as we’ve been led to believe and to recenter the kitchen as the heart of a home. 

Now that we have more space, we can accommodate more children and more schools. Because we’ve shaped every inch of the space, our time together will be more efficient and more customisable as well, because everything is at our fingertips! 

While many of our initial offerings will be kid-centric, we’re also planning on offering events and classes for women’s groups, date nights, corporate teams, amateur cooks, and even dog lovers. 

A Quick Tour of the Lodge

We have been busy painting and creating, getting ready for opening

When you walk in our door, you’ll find a world of enjoyment that feels just like home. We don’t have a commercial kitchen or a professionally-tended garden. There’s nothing you’ll learn here that you can’t easily recreate at home! 

Our main space is full of tables, which we’ll use for kitchen skills, snacks, board games, birthday party meals… you name it. This is where community togetherness happens. You’ll also find a quiet corner, set up with beanbags and cook and craft books, the perfect space to relax for kids (and adults) who need some downtime after the hustle and bustle of the day or completing a big project at the Lodge. 


I can’t wait to show you our Cooking Chalet! It’s equipped with a home kitchen environment where we’ll hold cooking lessons, date night experiences, and team-building events. Designed to feel like a mini apartment space, you’ll find a dining room section as well. Groups can come and cook together, and then sit down to eat and enjoy their delicious handiwork. Since it’s not a commercial kitchen, anything you make here you’ll be able to recreate at home.

Stay hydrated at our nearby beverage booth (locked during school-aged programming) where event participants can grab a tea and coffee, and the occasional adult beverage as well. We have water coolers around The Lodge so water is always available.


Our craft corner will be set up with all of the tools for exciting crafts, and lots of space to work. We’ll hold a number of how-to classes each week, but between events, this space will be open as a creative space for students and adults to simply experiment and enjoy. 

Fun signs to make and put up in your home


At the Lodge, you’ll find that half of the fun is outdoors! In fact, we’ll have 3 garden spaces:  

In our backyard, we’ve got a fantastic children’s play area for releasing energy and running around. You can also enjoy a lemonade on the porch, or harvest pecans from our tree in the fall.  

or something homemade and stronger….

In our side garden, just outside the cooking chalet, we’ll have a kitchen garden and a beautiful patio space. Groups cooking in the kitchen will be able to pick the herbs and vegetables straight from the garden when they are in season! And when the weather is nice, the outdoor seating offers a fantastic place to enjoy the meal we’ve cooked together. 

In our front garden, we’ll have garden beds set up where our after school children can have their own gardens (if they are registered for monthly after school programming–gardening takes time, after all). We’ll also be hosting canine events, complete with some pup-friendly climbing equipment.

Come On Over!  

At the Lodge, we’re thrilled to offer: 

  • After School Care (We collect students from their schools, you simply pick up here!)
  • Private Lessons for Kids and Adults
  • Daytime programming for Homeschool Students
  • Birthday Parties for Kids and Adults
  • Dog Parties
  • Group Cooking Lessons in our Cooking Chalet
  • Group Crafting Classes
  • Summer Camps
  • Corporate Team Building Experiences
  • Daytime Parent and Toddler Experiences  
Come and join us and be inspired to love the kitchen

Excited to visit the lodge? Shoot us an email tamzin@pinnyandtrowel.com or come on by to learn more! 

10415 Old Manchaca Rd, Austin, TX 78748

We are open during term time – Monday – Friday 10 am until 7 pm and also for private events

In the summer we will be open Monday – Friday 8 am until 6 pm and for private events or group classes.

Check out our events on the website for all the classes we have.

Author: Tamzin

Food activist and childhood nutrition advocate Tamzin Cochrane helps the busiest of people to cook up something healthy and delicious, even after a long day. She also helps companies and schools educate around—and create a culture and environment that truly supports healthy eating. Decades in the foodservice and hospitality industry have given Tamzin a well-rounded perspective on mealtime. She is passionate about bringing back the lost art of families and friends cooking together, and she loves seeing people enjoy the amazing tastes and textures of their communal effort. Inspiring children to cook and expand there horizons on food is very important. She shares this message through virtual coaching and video courses, by speaking at corporations, schools, and events, and through her recently-released video courses. Tamzin is found most often at The Pinny and Trowel Cooking School, which she opened in early 2020, it is located in Austin TX. Tamzin was born in England, grew up in Scotland, and now lives in Austin, Texas with her husband (who incidentally, is Scottish but grew up in England) and their children.

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